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                Teamsters Local 72 Scholarship winners are as follows:

         New York Division   Donteyhia Lee and  Julian Rivera

         Albany Division  Vincenzo Russo and  Annarudi Ugino

         Syracuse Division  Stephen Kinsella and  Patrick McPike

         Buffalo Divison Christofer Skobjak and  Steven Wheeler



                                               President Latko updates membership on the recent layoffs.  (4/10/13)

           President Latko updates membership on layoffs. (3/8/13)

          President Latko addresses the Unfair Labor Practice.

          From  Channel 2 news in Buffalo, NY(3/1/13)

          From the Times Union newspaper in Albany, NY (2/27/13)

          President Latko addresses the recent layoff letters received by the membership from the NYSTA.



 Members please notify us if  you have moved or changed your name recently.  If your not sure if the Union has your current information please call to verify with us.  You can call our main office  at 212 691 4228 or download the change of address form and mail or fax it the New York office.




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