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                                                     A Holiday Message from President Latko. (12/15/14)

                                                 President Latko updates membership on the recent layoffs.  (4/10/13)

           President Latko updates membership on layoffs. (3/8/13)

          President Latko addresses the Unfair Labor Practice.

          From  Channel 2 news in Buffalo, NY(3/1/13)

          From the Times Union newspaper in Albany, NY (2/27/13)

          President Latko addresses the recent layoff letters received by the membership from the NYSTA.


   A message to the members from President Latko.  Click here to view the letter


Local 72 scholarship winners are:

 NY Division:  Amy Thomas and Julian Rivera

 Albany Division: Caroline Biltucci and Olivia Ugino

 Syracuse Division: Steven Kinsella and Lauren Wilke

 Buffalo Division: Olivia Hermann and Stephanie Holscher                 


A holiday message from President Latko


NYSTA Employee Assistance Program Coordinators



President Latko's response to WIVB article of having the NYS Thruway going to an all EZ-Pass system.

    According to the poll done by WIVB 54% of the people who took their survey stated that they should not

    convert to all electronic toll collection.





The attacks that are happening in Wisconsin are going to happen across the country. This is not something the politicians are doing to balance a budget, but rather plain old union busting. The Executive Board and I are doing everything we can to protect you. This is why, at Membership meetings, we stress knowing the politicians we elect into office, and voting for these politicians. We will do our best to keep this from happening in New York State.

                                                                                  Fraternally yours,

                                                                               Martin A. Latko

                                                                                    President, Local 72

   A message from President Latko on what's happening in Wisconsin

  A message from President Hoffa on  what's happening in Wisconsin                                                


  For more information go to and on

  Article in the NY Times dated Feb 22,2011








We are pleased to announce that one of our members dependants has won the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to Ms. Kelly Parness daughter of Mr. Andrew M. Parness of the NY Division on winning the $1,000 scholarship that is awarded to High School Seniors.




Letter from President Latko  (posted 9/17/08)



Mail Order For Maintenance Drugs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  





  Local 72 By-Laws

  Collective Bargaining Agreement  March 19, 2009

  Part-Time Availability 2010

  The Citizen


  IBT article on Toll Road Safety


 Members should be receiving a booklet about our Welfare Fund Benefits.  If you did not receive a copy

                you may download a copy by clicking here.  (5/09)





                                    Please remember when crossing toll lanes it is important to wear your safety vest.




Dec 13, 2006 Timothy's Law passed the Assembly and was delivered to the Governor!
Please contact Governor Pataki today and urge him to sign S.8482/A.12080 into law. 
Tell the Governor New Yorkers can not afford to go without mental health care anymore.  You can contact the Governor by:
    • Calling (518) 474-1041.  Leave a message asking the Governor to sign Timothy's Law. 
    • Emailing:  Go to, click on the Get Involved tab and follow the instructions from there.


                      2012 LOCAL 72 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS


      New York Division      Trevor Wargo and    Janice Thomas

      Albany Division    Hillari Patschureck and  Jacqueline Tobin

      Syracuse Division  Kelsey White and  Michael Welsh

      Buffalo Division  Matthew Brown


                      Local 72 Scholarship winners are as follows:

                  Buffalo Division  Mathew Brown and Nicholas Pierce

                 Syracuse Division Karissa Kinsella and Mathew Woodard

                 Albany Division  Kevin Seward and Vincenzo Russo

                 New York Division  Jamie Thomas and Janice Thomas (2011)


Joseph Trerotola Scholarship winners  (12/10)

(subject to verification)

NY Division           Jamie Thomas
                             Joseph Perez
Syracuse Division  Karissa Kinsella
                            Angelina Donadio            
Albany Division     Hillari Patschureck
                            Jessica Tobin
Buffalo Division    Bradley Maxon
                            Lauren M. Stokely



Joseph Trerotola Scholarship winners  (12/09)

(subject to verification)


NY Division           Janice Thomas
                             Joseph Giovinazzo
Syracuse Division  Karissa Kinsella
                            Ashley Murphy            
Albany Division     Mike Fyvie
                            Jessica Tobin
Buffalo Division    Nicholas Kingston
                            Nicholas Pierce 



                Joseph Trerotola Scholarship winners  (12/08)

(subject to verification)


NY Division           Jamie Thomas
                             Janice Thomas
Syracuse Division  Ashley Murphy
                            Benjamin Morgan            
Albany Division     Jessica Tobin
                            Jordan Ramirez
Buffalo Division    Andrew Szkutak
                            Nicholas Pierce 


   Joseph Trerotola Scholarship winners

(subject to verification)


NY Division           Amadeu Pereira
                             Janiee Thomas
Syracuse Division  James Acquilano
                            Rebecca Reese
Albany Division     John Bertone
                            Amanda Wohlberg
Buffalo Division    Katelyn Kozak
                            Nicholas Kingston



Local 72 and the NYSTA Reach A Tentative Agreement

Local 72 is proud to announce that we have officially reached a tentative agreement with the NYSTA. The new agreement is a 4 year deal commencing July 1, 2008 and expiring June 30, 2012. The agreement calls for raises in each year as follows: 3%, 3%, 3% and 4%. Location pay was increased substantially and the Welfare Fund received over $1 million in additional funding. Further, existing employees gave absolutely nothing back. Comp time, major medical, prescription drug coverage, overtime, workday/workweek, check out time and so on remained unchanged. We believe this is the first time in the history of Local 72 that a tentative agreement was reached prior to the expiration of a current contract. Over a year of pre-negotiation preparation and political lobbying allowed us to not only get this unprecedented agreement, but to also get it in a timely fashion.

The ratification process will commence shortly. Please be sure that Local 72 has your updated address so that you will receive a ballot. Please contact your local Union rep if you have any questions.

 Unit I Information Sheet               

 Salaries 2008   Salaries 2009    Salaries 2010   Salaries  2011

 Negotiation updates click here


Local 72 is pleased to announce the following changes to the Welfare Fund:

(1)  Step-children are now covered under the Local 72 Welfare Fund.  Eligibility for coverage under the Fund is the same as for the NYSTA's major medical program.  You will need to provide a birth certificate for the child and a marriage certificate between the member and the child's natural parent.
(2)  The life insurance benefit has been increased to $15,000.

Both changes will go into effect as of
March 1, 2009.  We are able to offer these new benefits as a result of efficient management of the Fund and the extra allowance negotiated in the most recent contract. Please contact your Local 72 representative if you need additional information. (posted2/09)

As of March 1, 2009 Davis Vision is now using your employee ID number instead of your #ss will have to reregister online with your employee ID number to log in to the Davis Vision web site.(posted3/09)

PTTC Disability Increase and Prescription Program

Local 72 is pleased to announce that it has negotiated an increase to the PTTC Disability benefit from $120 per week to $200 per week.  The change is effective August 1, 2009.  Further, due to some recent questions, we wanted to remind PTTCs that we have negotiated a special low-cost prescription program for them through Express Scripts Inc. called “Rx Outreach”.  For more information, go to, or contact your Local 72 Business Agent.

$0 Co-Pays for Generics; Step-Children Covered

Local 72 is pleased to announce that ALL generic prescriptions for employees eligible for the Welfare Fund will be $0 from January 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010.  Please take advantage of this special pricing and have NO out-of-pocket expenses for generic prescription medication.  Also, we just want to remind you that step-children are now covered under the Local 72 Welfare Fund.  Please contact your Local 72 Business Agent for if you need eligibility information.

Dennis Van Marter is a collector in the Syracuse Division.  Dennis will be shaving his hair off to raise money to cure  kids cancer. The event will take place on Sunday March 21, 2010 at Kitty Hoyne's Irish Pub and Restaurant 301 W Fayette St. Syracuse, NY 13202.    If you would like to make a donation on Dennis's behalf please visit


Dennis raised $616.00



This article was published in 3/35/10 Times Union paper

Dear Brother and Sisters:  Your help is needed.   

Mike Jones is a TMW in the Albany Division.  On Feb. 27, 2010 Mike was in Florida playing Rugby for the Albany   Knickerbockers and he was severely injured.  If you would like to make a contribution you may do so in one of 3 ways:                         

OnLine: Online Donations can be made via PayPal by visiting:

Check: Please make Checks Payable to Michael Jones Supplemental Needs Trustand mail to :

SEFCU    Attn: Michael Jones Supplemental Needs Trust

                           P.O. Box 12189

                           Albany, NY 12214-5578

In Person: Stop at any SEFCU branch and ask to make a deposit to the:

                         “Michael Jones Supplemental Needs Trust”

                      You may follow Mike's progress on   

                                    For more on his story click here.                           

 We have added this poster for distribution at your worksites.


                                  Local 72 I-84 Testimony



Testimony of
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 72
Martin A. Latko, President
to the
New York State Commission on
State Asset Maximization (posted 12/08)